Log Cabin Build References

Before and during my first cabin build, I relied heavily on the following:

  1. Building A Log House in Alaska. Not necessarily easy to find, but probably the simplest guide. My dog-eared copy has been used to build at least 3 cabins by 3 different people. Contains multiple methods, and some reasoning for why one would choose one over the other. Also has a simple tool list comprised of mostly hand tools.

  2. Alaska Log Building Construction Guide [PDF] (20 MB). If you want to build a high-quality cabin, this can help get you most of the way there. Mostly modern, but some low-tech methods are discussed. Includes an extensive index on building codes as they relate to log cabin building, as well as useful engineering tables relating to tree species selection.
    ] alaska-log-building-construction-guide

  3. Building in the North Building_in_the_North.pdf (7.9 MB). Great resource for general theory about the physics and systems which provide additional challenges in Arctic and Boreal climates.